Subaru Deep Field

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  • A Glimpse of the Early Universe

    For thirty nights over a two year period, teams of researchers contributed exposures of an apparently vacant portion of the northern sky to create an image that provides a unique peek at the Universe when it was very young. Featuring over 200,000 galaxies, these exposures were re-processed by the author with permission of the NAOJ, at the reguest of Norwegian organizers hosting a 2009 International Year of Astronomy exhibition, called Discover the Universe.. Read more...

    Image information:
  • Exposure dates: Thirty nights between April 2002 - March 2004
  • Exposure location: Mauna Kea, Hawaii
  • Exposure length: 9.9 hours (B filter), 10 hour (R filter), 9.4 hours (z' filter)
  • Instrumentation: 8.2 meter Subaru Telescope
        custom Suprime-Camera (5 X 2 mosaic of 2k X 4k CCDs- 80 megapixel total)
  • Target location: RA:13:24:21.38   DEC: +27:29:23.034
        (midway between M3 and Beta Comae Berenices)
  • Image size: 34 arc minutes X 27 arc minutes

  • Image credit:
  • Data acquisition: Subaru telescope, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)
  • Image processing: R. Jay GaBany

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