When You Wish Upon a Star
NGC 5078 in Hydra
Image acquisition by Adam Block, NOAO

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Sometimes, I get carried away. As a child I amassed a closet-warehouse of comics and plastic models. As a young adult, I plowed a small fortune into high end video and stereo equipment. As I grew more mature, my house became filled with paintings. I even accidently lost 40 pounds when I put in a backyard pool!

Throughout my life, however, I have held a deep fascination about space. So, when the opportunity arose to work alongside an astrophotography icon, I could hardly contain my glee and thanked my lucky star!

Adam Block practices his craft at one of astronomy's sacred places- Kitt Peak. Though I have not been there since the mid-eighties, I recently spent a night, via the Internet, working with him on two projects. One, NGC 6369, is an obscure planetary nebula that resembles a Star Wars TIE fighter, . This image is the other.

105 minutes Luminance
20 minutes Red, Green and Blue (2X2)
NOAO RCOS 20 inch (f/8)