Good Night Hunting
NGC 1365 in Fornax

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I have a fascination with galaxies (much more than they have any interest with me!) In fact, I think they are just ducky! So, I'd like to share my latest hunting trip with you.

As you know, galaxies and other deep space objects, are wary creatures with keen eyesight, so hunting them requires you to remain hidden. Fortunately, since they are also nocturnal, the cover of darkness provides you with natural concealment. Reasoning the darker my surroundings the less chance I would be seen, I rented a blind high up in the south-central mountains of New Mexico, with the intent of bagging unusual quarry as they migrated low in the south.

My latest target stays underground most of the year and only emerges during the fall when it takes brief low level foraging flights for about two or three hours each night. I thought about luring it with decoys (galaxies are not particularly smart, so large pinwheels usually work) but decided that would not be good sportsmanship.

Well, I was able to get 'em over a period of several crystal clear nights and stuffed it myself based on taxidermy techniques I learned from my astro-imaging friends! The pelt got kind messed up due to air turbulence, so some minor cosmetic surgery was required. If you have an interest in flying game, please take a gander- I hope you don't find anything too fowl!

225 minutes Luminance, 75 minutes Red, 54 minutes Green and 108 minutes Blue (all 2X2)
RCOS 20-inch (f/8)