This image was produced with a half meter RCOS telescope located in New Mexico, USA and a 12-inch RCOS telescope located in southern Australia. Identical SBIG STL-11000 cameras were used with both telescopes. All images were exposed between August 30- October 22, 2006.

Exposure times: 595 minutes Luminance, 225 minutes Red, 135 minutes Green and 270 minutes Blue (1X1)

NGC 1097 in Fornax

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Space is a Place!

Itís easy to get caught up in the technical aspects of our hobby- the telescope, the mount, the processing and the camera.

But we are not just technicians and we are not just artists. We are engaged in the space tourism business and our vacation spots are M33, the Andromeda Galaxy and all points in between and beyond.

Each one of our pictures is a portal- transportation takes only a glance from the viewer. Space is a place and we produce the post cards. Wishing I were there...

The picture, above, is of a nearby island universe located across the Cosmic ocean, off the southern coast of our galaxy- complete with a super massive volcano at its middle! This one's in the process of eruption! I'm sure all the local resorts are closed for the duration so I wouldn't recommend personally visiting this isle for a few million years!

But, if you do, don't forget to take the suntan lotion.

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