The Heart of Space
Bode's Nebula (M-81) and Holmberg IX in Ursa Major

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Science tells us that the universe is boundless, that we cannot see where it began and have no truth about where it will end. Therefore, it's a useless search to find the point where everything is equidistant yet, I have always wondered where the center of the universe is located. Similar questions are not mine alone. They are shared by an expanding group around the globe, like you, who against all odds from weather, mechanics and electronics attempt each clear night and often succeed at glimpsing wonders no naked eye will ever see.

Of course, there are those who do not care- the universe is remote and irrelevant to current events and personal priorities. For them, if space's a place, it's far apart from their everyday life. Sadly, they fail to see that we are fish, this planet is our aquarium. Oops, perhaps I've digressed...

Okay, there's one final thought, please let me share, that's central to my theme- Perhaps science and direct observation cannot prove everything and a dash of something else is required to help focus the truth. Therefore, since I believe faded starlight is in our blood, I suspect someplace close to the heart of space I've been seeking is actually inside us- just feel the throb in your chest next time you look up at the night sky.

420 minutes Luminance, 90 minutes Red, 54 minutes Green and 108 minutes Blue (1X1)
RCOS 20-inch (f/8)