This image was produced with a Takahashi FSQ telescope and a SBIG STL-6303 camera at the JMSM Observatory on June 19, 2007.
Exposure times: 135 minutes Luminance, 45 minutes Red, 45 minutes Green and 45 minutes Blue (All 1X1)

The Lagoon and Trifid Nebulae
M8 and M20

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  • In the Living Presence

    The pictures we create are visual recordings. Each one is a unique performance, captured faithfully for posterity, to be replayed at the viewer's convenience.

    When this occurs, everything is silent. Not a word is spoken, not a cough is heard except those coming from the viewer's own throat. Reaching for the keyboard and the mouse then opening the image, the viewer is transported to another realm beyond their immediate existence. The picture transforms into a concert hall as the astrophotographer conducts their interpretation of a scene from the vast philharmonic repertoire of Creation.

    In many instances, a solemn mood is set at the very opening when the eye is caught by golden middle aged stars intoning a doleful hymn. The main body of the piece next unfolds when great dark masses writhe with thin wispy veils to create a scene of titanic, savage conflict. Then, a fanfare is introduced with a glimpse at giant blue-white stars blaring a mighty crescendo! A glance to the cadenza from nebular strings follows and a Gregorian chant, solemnly intoned by clouds of distant stellar performers, produces a sepulchral vision. Each of these parts are fused together when the viewer sits back and feels the full force of the orchestrated assemblage !

    Presented in glorious hi-fidelity on a computer monitor, it's like being in the living presence of the deep space event! Nothing comes close to the feeling this produces and it's no wonder so many have become hooked on these classics!

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