The Mewlon is a Harsh Mistress
M13 in Hercules

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My (beloved) Mewlon 300 recently became suspicious that I was using a different telescope and started questioning my late night stays at the office! Threats about placing itself for sale on Astromart and taking the twin findersopes were even suggested. I knew things were bad when it referred to me as a "telescope gigolo"! :>)

Well, I asked the FSQ to intervene and as a result, the Mewlon and I are again inseparable!

To celebrate, the we would like to share our most recent project- M13 taken from my San Jose, CA backyard- unspectacular, but taken for old times sake.

Seriously, I have learned a valuable lesson from this experience- next time, I must be more discrete! :>)

90 minutes Red, Green and Blue
Takahashi Mewlon 300, f/9