Mid-year Exam
M109 in Ursa Major

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With my son graduating high-school, our house has had more than it's fair share of angst about tests in the past few weeks. To my surprise, I was even presented with a mid-year pop-quiz when the light of Gamma Ursa Major poured onto the scene of my latest project, M109, like an unwanted night-time security lamp.

Several attempts to simply re-orient the view through the scope did not eliminate the glare from this overly-protective neighbor so I was obliged to answer the question (as best I could) given this cart-full of dung.

Anyway, my response to this unexpected test can be reviewed above. Please think about something happy when you are grading.

150 minutes luminance (1X1)
30 minutes Red, 18 minutes Green, 36 minutes Blue (2X2)

RCOS 20 inch (f/8) and SBIG STL-11000XM