This 4 panel mosaic composite image was produced with an Officina Stellare PRO RC500 half meter telescope, an Apogee Alta U16M camera and Astrodon E-Series filters.

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Image copyright 2014 R Jay GaBany

Total Lunar Eclipse April 15, 2014

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Metaphorical World

About twice a year, a celestial alignment allows the Moon to enter then pass through Earth's shadow. Known as a Lunar Eclipse, the term is misleading since nothing blocks our view by passing between Earth and its natural satellite. However, just as we say the Sun rises and the Moon sets, the term "lunar eclipse" is a relic of our ancestor's geocentric interpretation of how the Universe ticks based on their everyday perceptions and accepted notions.

But, little has changed over time. Our world view remains filled with priorities that place us squarely at the center of everything and we continue to illuminate dark places with light powered by common wisdom. Situations are conveniently explained in terms of our experiences and the beliefs we hold true even when facts may be in short supply, overlooked or adjusted to fit. Thus, we have answers that offer surcease in times of sorrow, build confidence when faced with doubt, provide justification for both defeats and victories, teach moral lessons and solve nature's most profound mysteries. Even astrophotographic images are interpretations.

So, our remarkable capacity to rationalize enables us to continue inhabiting a comforting existence of our own creation until we pass from this life into whatever may be next.

We live in a metaphorical world.

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