Ten Foot Chopsticks
The Cocoon Nebula (IC 5146) in Cygnus

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I'd like to share a dream I had in which I took a trip to Heaven and to Hell- just visiting, of course :>)

Anyway, I found myself being ushered into one of the many rooms of Hell. Inside was a huge banquet table laden with a sumptuous feast. But, around the table sat a group of gaunt and emaciated people, some with out hands or arms and at their side was a pair of ten foot chopsticks! I asked Satan why the folks looked so destitute and he said, "During life, these people valued food more than anything else so, now, they are forced to spend eternity in this room seated at this table with a pair of ten foot chopsticks and should they reach out to touch the food, their limb is severed!"

Next, I visited Heaven. It too is filled with many rooms, but I was led into one with a huge banquet table covered with the most marvelous feast I have even seen. Around this table, a group of pudgy, jovial people sat joking happily with each other and at their sides were a pair of ten foot chopsticks! I turned to St. Peter and asked why these people were so prosperous and he said, "In heaven, we feed each other!"

Well, this overweight and happy banqueter would like to share this piece of cherry licorice (above) with the others in the room who have taught and encouraged as I learned to take pictures of the sky. This small slice of heaven is in the nursery, so "Shhhh", please tiptoe, if you have a moment to look, because the children are not all awake. :>)

255 minutes Luminance, 90 minutes red, 54 minutes green and 108 minutes blue (1X1)
20-inch RCOS (f/8)