Group Portrait
The Trifid Nebula (M20/NGC 6514) in Sagittarius

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I believe each astrophotographer influences the other. Often, our images take on some qualities of those that we have previously seen but filtered through the personality we were born with. Within one image exists the impact of many. Therefore, when I see a picture from the night sky, I also see the face of its author and the reflections of others smiling back, gleaming with pride.

My current project started as a close up, prepared under the influence of passionate music. Its finished version, however, is a group portrait processed under sagacious effect of the photographers I have grown to know and trust- their advice, their example, their spirit for this pursuit and I am thankful in return. Unfortunately, like many home-spun photographs, I did not get each of their best profiles, and more than a few of my own blemishes are noticeable, but I hope I was, at least, able to capture something of their likeness that they will find flattering.

Now, if the guys to the left will move in to the right and the ones in the front will crouch down just a bit, here's my snap-shot of The Triffid Nebula (M20) prepared under the gentle influences of friends.

April 7- June 7, 2005

240 minutes Luminance, 90 minutes Red, 54 minutes Green and 108 minutes Blue (1X1)
RCOS 20-inch (f/8)