Unexpected Company
Comet Pojmanski (C/2006 A1) in Aquila

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The universe is filled with heavenly bodies, the vast majority of which are located incredibly distant. Of course, our local solar neighbors offer comfort with their presence- most behave predictably. In fact, you can set your watch by them.

Occasionally, however, a new face cruises onto the scene and breaks up the monotony of these predictable patterns like seeing a car in front of your home and realizing that you have unexpected company when you least expected it- no sweat, visitors like this are a generally delightful, they're eccentric by nature but their brief visit is anything but a disaster.

March 3, 2006

RCOS 20- inch, SBIG STL-11000

22 minutes Luminance, 9 minutes Red, 5 minutes Green and 9 minutes Blue (All 2X2)